With over 10 years of experience within the animation and mobile gaming industry respectively, I’ve had the luxury and privilege of wearing a lot of hats: animation director, art director, ui/ux artist, senior game artist, supervising animator, storyboard artist, character designer, producer and other numerous engaging and challenging roles.

Throughout my 10+ years with clients like Marvel, Cartoon Network, Nick Jr., CBC and Mondo Media to name a few, I’ve learned that the one true constant is that you can only be 50% prepared for any project. The other 50% comes from responding to the application of your medium throughout your process. Problem solving is a skill set that is refined by putting yourself in challenging, engaging and high pressure situations. It’s a career mandate for myself, that I be involved and invested in projects that actively have an element that removes me partially or fully from my comfort zone. Through that mandate, I’m constantly able to press my skill set and continue doing what we all should be doing within our art form: Learning.

While most people live their lives on a calendar year that consists of weekdays and weekends, my life is lived through deadlines and pencil mileage. Living, eating and breathing my art form is how I choose to participate within this beautiful beast of an industry. I carry a respect for deadlines that some may say borders on militant, but the only momentum I wish to maintain is positive forward momentum, and that can only happen with a strict respect for deadlines and how you adhere to them.

If someone were to pose the question about which part of the process I find the most valuable within a pipeline, I would have to side with the communication of ideas within the pre-production phase. If a project is communicated properly and honestly through team communication and initial design roughs, it will only serve to benefit the final, which is always the point. The more pencil mileage and communication you put in at the top of a project, the further you will be able to bring the final with your entire team on board. Communication of design is key to successful project pipelines.

While my site demonstrates a lot of personal artwork and sketchbook work, out of respect for client NDA agreements, most of my client work remains private. However I’m happy to supply a robust resume and portfolio upon request.

Need a music video director?
How about a commercial director or animation director?
Supervising animator? Senior artist?

Feel free to reach out to me via my contact page for any of your needs and lets push some pencils together!